Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kitchen Wall Art - Dollhouse

I have a large fork on my kitchen wall...   So naturally I needed to make one for the dollhouse kitchen.  I just finished this today.

What you need for this project: 
  • scrapbook rub-on embellishment - in this case a kitchen set
  • exact-o-knife or very strong hands
  • 2 pieces of balsam wood 12"
  • coordinating paint with your project

Using the exact-o-knife I scored each piece of balsam wood at the 8" point.  From there, I snapped them at the newly cut point.  I painted the wood a coordinating blue to match some of the other colors that will have come out in the dollhouse.  I hot glued them to the wall.  I would recommend using a balance to make sure the first piece is even.  After the gluing your new "frame" paint the inside a matching color, wait for the paint to dry, rub on your embellishment and if you like add a clear coat!

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