Friday, January 27, 2012

Kitchen Furniture - Dollhouse

Where we left off...  I just finished up the walls and the floor.  The room was looking a little empty.

I ended up making a table, chairs, turned a miniature dollhouse side board upside down for a kitchen cabinet, touched up the window and made some artwork...

So it started like this... I looked at my "master plan" and I poured out my junk craft bin... and started scrounging around!

I repurposed a candle stick, wood glued on a oval plaque from Michaels and painted it the same red as the front door.  I added clearcoat satin finish over the red paint to get rid of the dull color also to avoid it scuffing the other paint in the dollhouse during future play.  I think I will let the kids play with my... I mean .. their dollhouse...
I bought a sideboard.. some type of miniature cabinet looking thing at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby.  Painted it Hunter Green to match the floor and Granny Smith Apply for the door fronts.  I ended up snapping off the cute handles and hanging it upside down for a ceiling cabinet.
I took the triangle sides from a DIY kiddie craft kit that I never made, that was given to us by someone who never made it  (maybe a smaller point in this is never my the kiddie craft crate) and decided to turn them into the chair backs.  I bought some square 4" plaques from Michael's for $1.  I drilled holes in them and added the shaker pegs for the chair legs.
The end result...$12 for a table, two chairs and kitchen cabinet... 

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