Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dollhouse Kitchen - let's get it started!

I decided to go with Granny Smith Apple Green for the kitchen walls.  I needed something to brighten up the big space, offset the boysenberry but still match the green of the front grass.  So here is where I started.

The pic is a little bad.  I need to remember to use my regular camera instead of my phone.

The outcome didn't look terribly bad but I felt like it was missing something  and a little too plain.  If I wanted plain I would have bought a plastic house that came in 3 shades of pink.  I am on a mission to create an heirloom here... to give my girls what I never could have dreamed of having... something that my 8 year old wont be tempted to crayon blue on... so I had to spice it up... Pulling from the days of "Trading Spaces" when two neighbors actually traded a space... I went with the following...
...a striped sheen on the Granny Smith Apple green for the back wall.  I did this by using a single stroke of clearcoat.  Since up to this point I have used the "I am not great at painting" approach... I didn't tape it.  I made it look purposefully quaint.  

I painted the kitchen floor the matching hunter green, made square brush strokes of White Linen.  That was a little too bright.  I created a glaze from the granny smith apple green and the satin clearcoat to tone things down a bit.  I painted the side walls White Linen to make the newly striped wall a back focus.  

I will have a window on the right side of the room.  I think the end effect is nice.  Looks a little empty right now.  

I finally get to utilize my original master engineering sheet and start building....

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