Monday, January 2, 2012

Pump It or Dump It 2012

I am not one on huge resolutions at New Year's Time...  I usually think about things like --eat better -- listen more --- talk less --- love more --- give more --- more importantly forgive more and so on.  That said, this year I have decided to pump out the crafts that have been sitting in the doldrums of craft closet.

It could have been the fact that I spent all of New Year's Day watching "House Finders" followed up by a "Hoarders" marathon.  The two marathons back to back really did something for my psyche... I want to have a beautiful space and each room have a purpose-- for the most part I feel like each of our rooms are unique and have as much "family flavor" as they can given our continual moves but one space that lacks is my crafting room.  I have the tools, the supplies and even storage but it is definitely bogged down with crafts on the lingering list of "must do's!"

I present to you my list of  crafts that I have to pump out or dump out (like freecycle, donate--not landfill) in 2012.

Repurposed blue jean rag blanket circa 2002
Brown Crochet Blanket circa 2006
Hair Ribbons for girls circa 2008
Wedding Album circa 2002
Ribbon Wreath circa 2008
Decoupage Easter Eggs circa 2009
Avery's Painting circa 2010

I will tackle and finish these crafts!  so keep tuned!

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