Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dollhouse Facelift

I struggled with the track doors what to do with them.  I knew I wanted to keep it.  How cool would that be to have a doll house that actually closes up.  Perfect for moving it around... the darn thing is on casters as well.  The casters and closing doors, plus the free delivery and cheap price is what made this entertainment center the one!  So I started drawing...

this is where we left off...  .  I had sketched out a rough front door scene and finalized my sketchings in the white paint.  I had put on the boysenbarney and hoped for a second coat to be the trick instead of lots of primer and new paint.  It worked.   The dollhouse was officially "Boysenberry" and "White Linen"

I went with a red door to make the color pop and to pull from the red in the bins.  I also have some prelimary plans to make the lower bedroom to the left red, pink and blue... kind of a new twist on Americana but not star spangled banner themed room

After painting the door, I added a coral orange window box and pot.  Shaded in the window with a sage green/gray color and framed out the window and door in the same White Linen color as the roof.

I am stoked about how this turned out!  I further framed the window door by imperfectly adding touches of black.  I added a little foliage (Bob Ross would of have been proud).  I finished off the front yard with a picket fence.  Every perfect house needs a perfect little picket fence!  I sponged some darker green on the hunter green shown to look like grass or shag because that little green area will also double function as a family room in the weeks to come!

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