About Me

Currently, home is where the USAF sends us. My better half and I have been married for nearly 10 years and have two little girls plus two fur babies.

We are in Colorado now and are adjusting. Life is all about high elevation, lots of water, dry skin, and lip chap. It is neat here and we hope to take advantage of the sites over the next 2 years.

I work from home, full-time, and try to "balance" life hence the screen-name. It can get interesting around here! I enjoy volunteering in the community. I feel being active in the local community and supporting our fellow military families is important. I really enjoy crafting things that spark my fancy and scrapbooking.

I love to cook and bake and am always up for trying a new, good vegetarian recipe. Please keep your "wanna steak or burger" joke to yourself and I'll keep my "ever been behind a chicken truck for 4 hours" story to myself.

I just started running last January. I squeaked out a half marathon in June and the high elevation has put me back. I am starting from the bottom and working my way up again. I'll get to 13.1 soon!