Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dollhouse Takes Shape -finishing the peak

I purchased two slats (is that the right word) of scalloped edging from Michael's for $2.99.  So for $6 dollars - oh and I bought a little design square.  My daughter Avery asked me a bazillion times "What is that going to be used for?"  I kept telling her to embellish the roof.  Once It was tacked/glued into place, I think she finally figured out what an embellishment was...

Close up of the scalloped molding and embellishment.  I also picked up some picket fencing with the thought that I will have that keyboard drawer double as a pull out front yard and living room.

Once again, Tokie is supervising the progress either that or he is secretly snagging wood to chew on.. not too sure.

After adding back paneling, I tidied up the rough edges from when we busted out the top.  I used the corner panel molding to cover the rough edges. Would hate for a Julie or Molly to get a splinter while climbing into their loft! I bought the perfect storage bins at Target for the under area.  I plan on using them as the color scheme for this doll house. 

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