Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Raising the Roof! Busting out the Top!

My grand engineering plans!
You can tell that I am more excited about building the fun stuff to play with than the actual engineering of the roof structure... LOL  Maybe that speaks more of my distract-ability than anything else.

Moving on... A trip to Lowe's with my "master plan," the purchase of an 18"x72" board (that they cut in half for me - love those guys in blue aprons) and a 8' 2'x2' board... I knew I was well on my way to grand visions when this was staring back at me in my garage...

See that glass door... it shattered during the uninstallment.  

X Marks the spot

Safety first!

We have now busted through the roof that area will become a bathroom that leads to a loft
My Grand Vision: The big "TV" area will become a grand room Kitchen/Dining Room with pull out extension for a living room space.  The area below the roof peak will become a loft with disco light and the "components" area will become a bedroom and low ceiling bathroom.I also utilized our old keyboard  drawer.  We weren't using it anymore because we have laptops now.  I got the idea from another blog.  
The roof is installed and even Tokie is happy with the progress! 

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