Thursday, February 2, 2012

All Things that Glitter aren't Gold

very true... but all things with glitter look much better!

As an adult, I sometimes forget how much I enjoyed glittering things up as a child.  When it comes to quick, easy-fix projects that I do for a teacher, kiddie crafts, I forget to whip out the glitter.  Even with my cardmaking, scrapbooking - - it isn't until a project is looking desolate despite all of my attempts that I think to myself... "glitter... why didn't I think of glitter!"
What you will need for this project: Glitter and Glue... if you are being fancy, a perfectionist, embellishing crafts, liky tidy lines.....  use fine glitter (martha stewart glitter is featured here) and fine papercrafting glue with a small tip.  I'll show how to use the detail tip glue in another blog ... you can do some pretty fancy stuff with it!

So, here is a basic paper craft that I did for the 1st grade school play.  the request was for 20 different color flours to decorate trees - to make them look like flower bushes for a "Bug's Life" play.  I did the clip art thing... ran my 8x10 sheets of paper through the printer attached to my laptop and took out my bumble scissors and ever so neatly cut out the flowers (forgetting the entire time that I have a brand new 12x24 Cricut Express upstairs).  
Here is the beginng project - 20 plain ole' flowers: 

I used an embossing try to catch the loose glitter, paper works just as well

 I wanted to show the fine line difference between fine tip gluing and your normal tip craft glue.

The end result is a pretty fancy flower... pretty enough to sit on a tree.

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