Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love you because sign...

Yes... I know this is part of the Pinterest bandwagon... but I thought it was so sweet and just well... rather perfect for my Keith.  Sometimes he needs a confidence boost, a love you because...

This idea appears to be originally from a blog called Kiki Creates.  So all credits of ingenious go to her... I merely took her idea and made it match our decor style.

I found the black 5x7 frame at goodwill for .99 cents... yeah I go all out on Valentines!  I loved how the frame was rather imperfect (just like me).  It had marred paint finish on both sides of which is probably the reason why it landed itself at the Goodwill in the first place.

I scrounged through my scrapbook paper pile looking for colors that matched our bedroom (the place that will be the home of this simple creation) and found some silver paper from my wedding album project.  Something that I hope the world will soon see through here.... it is on my list of "Pump it or Dump it 2012) craft list!!!

I cut the paper down to 5x7

I proceeded to my office where I shoved it into my printer (later I found out that I loaded it wrong).

Because I am super technical, I opened up word and typed "I love you because..." in bold, italic, Cataneo BT font in size 36 and centered.  I changed the paper size to 5x7, landscape and printed...

then cursed because it printed in portrait because I had the paper loaded wrong... :/

I cut a new sheet and pushed forward with a new feeling of righteousness as I loaded it again and printed it... Yes-- there it is the feeling of printing success!!!!

I walked upstairs to the craft room (aka - huge messy, scary place) and slapped on a piece of pre-ripped paper from my stack of scraps~~~  hanging on to that small piece of crap.. I mean scrap was worth it!

Then gave it another layer of paper that will act as the "insert message here" area.

I then added a little love quote that was already on vellum...  you could print off your own love quote on vellum paper.   It read "It's only with the heart that one can see clearly what's essential is invisible to the eye"

I added a small detail ribbon that matched our bedroom and took it to our room to see how it matched.

Then I added my little love note and wrapped it up.  I hope he is as fond of it as I am... no one tell him that I got the idea off of Pinterest.... shhhh!  it will be our secret!

I shared this with Scrap Scene's Whip It Monday


  1. I LOVE this! Have seen it around, but yours came out great!! I've thought of making one...but know my husband it would become the new spot to write silly jokes.

    I love you because...your cooking doesn't always suck. hahaha ;) I can see him writing it now.

    Happy to be your newest follower!

    1. LOL -- I didn't think about the reverse love messages... good point! thanks for popping over here!

  2. That's just sweet. I haven't seen anything like that before, and I am on Pinterest :)