Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reuse Wine Corks for Food Markers

Don't have enough corks to make a beautiful wreath? 
Slice the tip and use them for food markers at a party or table assignments at a dinner party.  

I decided to use wine corks to display the "food labels" for the cheese plate and appetizers at a wine tasting.                 

What do you need for this project???  Corks, stock paper, fancy writing skills and a knife!

Here is some info on making your own labels and utilizing those corks that are laying around.  Just click here...

You likely have a pile of corks that looks something like this --- either prominently displayed or hidden in your "one day" crafting area.  

Determine how many markers you need for your party, seat settings, etc.  Count out that many corks and using either an exact-o knife or me because I was lazy grab your favorite chef knife and cut a slice 1/4 inch down on the tip of the corks.

Marking the markers  ---
Using two coordinating cards stocks, I cut the back paper to 2"x3" rectangles and the lighter paper that will become the "label" 1.5"x2.5" rectangles

 Here are the cut out rectangles

Using glue tape, glue stick... super glue (watch the fingers) adhere the small rectangle to the top of the large rectangle.

 Break out your best penmanship... you know the stuff your fourth grade teacher graded you on and write down the name of the foods, cheeses or guests.  If your handwriting stinks or writing nicely under pressure creates issues, then create the labels in a word document and print out on card stock on your home printer and then slice them into nice rectangles.

Insert the new label into the sliced area of the wine cork and you are on your way to hosting a beautiful party.

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  1. Very clever idea. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Now how fun is that? Love the idea. So glad you linked it up to Motivated Monday

  3. Thanks for sharing with Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! Very clever to use the wine corks -- makes the party more festive! Hope to see you again this week!