Sunday, February 5, 2012

Slipper Chairs

Back in January, I illustrated (possibly not too well) how i created a table and chair set for about $10-15 using simple shaped plaques from Michaels, 7" candlestick and shaker legs. The chairs weren't terrible but compared to the brightly painted table and beautifully checked granny smith green floor, they were certainly missing something.  I decided to give them a little color and because the legs were a little squatty looking, I added a slipper chair cover on the bottom.  Here is how I did it.

I left you with this image: 


Using the same midnight blue craft paint as the bedroom floor, I painted the chairs.  You may recall that the triangle wood was repurposed from a craft kit, as a result, there is a hole in each piece near the top.  Instead of filling the hole in with wood puddy, I used it to my advantage to pull in other colors.  I painted the circle of the flower the same red as the table, painted light blue petals and added hints of pink.  After the paint was dry I added a clear coat because we were blessed with a beautiful 65 degree day here in Colorado, I too the chairs outside and used a clear coat spray (it stunk- like stunk up the craft room for days).  You can use a brush on clear coat.  I do think covering with a clear coat is important because it will avoid a potential transfer of color paint mar on your dolls during play.
After the chairs were painted, I set off to make the slipper portion.  I cut 4 squares of fabric for each side.  I used my serger to help with the cutting and planned to leave serged seam facing outward.  For a cleaner look, you could sew the seams inward using a serger or using a normal sewing machine.  If you don't have a sewing beast, sew up the seams by hand or use a zig-zag pair of scissors to prevent threading. 
After I gaining the measurements, using my serger to cut out the panels, I was left with two sets of 4 panels.
After that, I heated up my glue gun and begin placing the panels on each side.

 The end result was two cute little chairs that were spruced up a bit.  I may go back and add some beading or ribbon where the fabric panel meets the wood.


  1. I'm loving your dollhouse! It's delightful....I'm sure your girls are delighted :)

  2. Thanks! it has been a work in progress. I got the entertainment center the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and have been working on it fairly regularly since then. I am nearly done. I have about 4 more projects to finish an then I will "finally" move it into the play room!