Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinterest gets Miniatured

I love Pinterest!  Who doesn't?  Even those who hop on once and don't see the benefit usually come around when it is time to plan a party, decorate for a holiday and the list goes on...

One of my favorite pins on Pinterest is a beautiful master piece of buttons and fabric by letterperfectdesigns - of which after tracking my pin to another pin to another pin... I was finally able to find the creator of this thing of beauty!  Please visit her etsy store and see the other beautiful button creations she has made.  Many of the button-related crafts "pinning" around on Pinterest are of her creations.

So I really really love this piece... I am not too sure if my husband would love it as much as I do and it doesn't really go with our current household decor (one day I envision something like this prominently displayed in my craft room) but until then, I have decided to live vicariously through the doll house.

On that thought alone... "live vicariously through the doll house".... I will announce the purpose of this particular blog entry.  I decided to give Julie and Molly a smaller, paper version of Peggy's button "love."

For this tiny project, you will need the following:

  • Modge Podge
  • 45 or so buttons (4 color groupings of 10-15)
  • coordinating ribbon
  • 4 small sheets of coordinating card stock  
  • Craft board rectangle (6x5) (cost about $1)

Cut your coordinating card stock down to size... 2.5"x3"

Now you should have 4 small rectangles of coordinating card stock.  When choosing the patter, I tried to find colors that would match the furniture in the loft area with hues that were soft and bold that bold buttons could rest upon and not be too distracting.

Grab your Modge Podge.  Even though this project is for the doll house, I want it to stay nice for years to come.  For that reason, I would strongly suggest that you use actual Modge Podge versus home, watered down glue versions.  Modge Podge is not paying me to endorse their product but it is a great product!  So grab the Modge Podge, paint a thin layer on the board, carefully layer your card stock and paint another thin layer over the freshly laid card stock.  Use your finger to smooth out any possible bubbles or wrinkles.  Wait for the modge podge to dry...

After the Modge Podge is dry, plan the lay out of your buttons.  Once you have done that glue those little suckers down using a drop of glue for each button 

I framed each square with a strip of thin black ribbon and used a coordinating color ribbon to act as a hanger for the small art piece.  

and Voila... you have a small piece of art that your small best friend can enjoy!

I posted this through Scrap It Scenes - Whip it Monday - paper crafting link and entered it on the Pinterest Challenge Blog

The Pinterest Challenge


  1. Sweet! I would of never thought to miniaturize the wall art. Fabulously done! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks - it was fun to make it! It certainly isn't nearly as beautiful as perfectletterdesigns but I don't think the dolls will complain - LOL