Friday, February 3, 2012

Dining Room Curtains - AG Dollhouse

Every pretty room needs pretty curtains...  

Supply List:       
  • Fabric of your choice, 1/4 yard of one print and coordinating fabric to add top panel
  • Ribbon at least 8" depending on size of dollhouse window (optional)
  • Wire - due to the fact this wall slides I used wire, preference would have been a wooden dowel
  • 2 eye-bolts
  • nail setter or hammer and small tack nail to help with setting

Creating the Curtains...
Nothing super fancy here.  Using a serger, I serged or did a wrap stitch on the edging of two long rectangle panels that were cut to 4"x24".  I added a top panel piece in coordinating fabric that matched a couch that I made previously.  Added a strip of ribbon hide the connecting seem where the two panels of fabric meet and doubled as embellishment and to bring out the green tones of the kitchen floor.  

Note: this same process can be used to lengthen your own home curtains when you move.  You can easily make 72" panels into 84" panels by adding a coordinating fabric and covering the seam line with ric rac or beading.

Adding Creases...
Due to the fact that these little curtains need to look as if they have been hanging awhile, have a very small distance from the "rod" to the wall and I want to achieve the look that they are being pushed to the side, I ironed creases in them.  Using a hot clothing iron, I creased the fabric like a fan and ironed.

Now that the two panels are sewn, creased and embellished with a pop of small dotted ribbon, I hung them on the crafting wire so that they can be put installed.

I took three 8" segments of wire and braided/twisted them together to create a larger gage wire to hold the panels in place

I took the braided wire and threaded it through the sewn casing in the curtain panel.  I made sure to bend the wires back to create a smooth edge so that I would catch any thread, stitching or snag the fabric. Now the curtains are ready to be hung.

 Hanging the curtains...

To install my new curtain "rod."  I used a nail setter to create a hole in the wood.  Twisted in the little eye-bolt.  Thread the wire through the eye-bolt and around to secure it, pulled tight and did the same for the other side.

 The end result is a pretty set of curtains that are hung on a flexible wire so that when we close up the doll house with the sliding walls, it will stay in place.
This picture shows the matching loveseat that I crafted up using the pattern by  as a guide/basis for the creation.  

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