Thursday, April 12, 2012

Matching Dresses

We have company in for the week.  My friend and I took a stab at making dresses for our girls with matching dresses for their American Girl Dolls.  They turned out cute... not nearly as homegrown as I thought they would based on my lack of sewing skills.  The hardest part was increasing one of the dress size and getting things to lay right.  I had to do an emergency SOS call to my mom .  We used Simplicity Patterns: 1928 and 2378.  I followed them for the most part, instead of buckles we used buttons.  The dresses took about 3 hours to cut and sew.  

I plan to go back and add rossettes to the front of the dresses along the collar line.

While I finished up the doll dresses my partner in crime made the hair bows.  For the rosettes , we made two sizes - 1 strip of fabric for the American Girl Dolls and 2 strips of fabric for the girls' bows.  Using the tutorial that I posted for the 

.  Here they are so far!

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  1. I couldn't leave a comment on your rag quilt post (?) but I just wanted to say "hallelujah!" on getting the quilt done! As you mentioned, I've been there and done that!